Unusual wines that will tickle your curiosity!

"Terroir" and the art of living

Unusual wines that will tickle your curiosity!

A dream climate, an equally ideal sub-soil, expert and creative winemakers, heirs to a long tradition... Here, everything is conducive to the development of inventive, fine and amazing wines! And our wine producers do not lack imagination, as you will discover in this small selection of unusual nuggets to be enjoyed in moderation and without fail ... for the taste!

Wines that sing…

It is at the Domaine DE L’OCTROI, a wine estate in Agde, that your taste buds will be offered two wines aged under musical vibrations ... CAP JAZZ, a rosé wine made from the Grenache grape variety and VIVALD’OC, a white wine from the Viognier single-variety, will make your palate dance and spark your interest in making wine with music.

By what process? During the fermentation period, a probe continuously immersed in the vats emits music whose vibrations stimulate the yeasts that will give these wines unique characteristics. A mysterious alchemy from the sound waves propagates throughout the vats according to the music selected, thus enhancing the art of making wine during the vinification stage.

Wines aged in music, to discover and taste with the Delort family, at the Domaine de l'Octroi.

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An iced wine…

At the Domaine LA CROIX GRATIOT, a wine estate in Montagnac, Anaïs Ricome makes DOUX DES ZAZOUS, a 100% Viognier wine. After abandoning the grapevines several times because of bad weather, this wine producer decided to harvest overripe grapes to make a sweet wine like those in Canada. Except that here grapes do not freeze naturally ... they need a little help!

The grapes are harvested in perforated boxes and they are then frozen for three days. The pressing takes between four and six hours. Fermentation begins in autumn and ends in spring. Ageing wine for twelve months will produce this nectar.

With its bright yellow robe, its very exotic nose of lychee, mango and apricot, rich and complex in mouth, this iced wine, served very cold at 12°C, goes perfectly with your sweet desserts and foie gras.

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Wines aged in concrete eggs...

THE RUMOUR is that this is the name the wine producers Marielle and Philippe DE MONTMAU gave to their vintage wine that’s a little bit special as it’s made in concrete eggs.

On a promontory overlooking the Hérault Valley in Saint-Pons de Mauchiens, this white wine made from Sauvignon Vermentino grapes is aged in the fully refurbished winery in an ovoid shaped concrete vat.

Concrete, an excellent, neutral material, has for long been used for its undeniable qualities in terms of thermal inertia. The vertical ovoid vat benefits from the micro-oxygenation provided by the porosity of the concrete based on natural cement (limestone and clay).

In this giant egg, the lees are lifted permanently by an internal current in the shape of a whirlpool that optimises the aromatic potential of the wine, bringing roundness and flexibility with a fresh background.

A nice, fruity wine with a golden robe, silvery hues, exotic and spicy notes, to be enjoyed with a platter of seafood or the catch of the day.

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A libertine vintage…

Following the lead of the “Vignoble Savary” grape varieties in Montagnac, Christophe the wine producer left three barrels of Chardonnay almost forgotten in the cellar...

This is a special vintage where the fermentation juices are put in new barrels to reveal the aromas; at the end of the fermentation, the lees are “stirred” at the bottom of the barrel to re-suspend the deposits; the stirring is repeated every two days for fifteen days and then the frequency is reduced for about three weeks. Then, at the end of this period, the vintage is racked, placed back in the vats and aged for two to three years until the “woody” taste disappears.

The Libertine vintage then emerges with its beautiful, golden robe and its complex nose of dried fruits (almond, hazelnut), fresh fruits and white flowers, with a mineral touch.

A generous, powerful, aromatic wine to enjoy with fish in sauce, Reblochon cheese, chocolate and foie gras.

Vintage 2010 to taste at the DOMAINE SAVARY DE BEAUREGARD

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ORGANIC wines without alcohol... sparkling OPIA

Want a little drink without moderation? You have a date at the Domaine VILLA NORIA in Montagnac where Cédric Arnaud offers his range of OPIA organic wines without alcohol: red, white, rosé and sparkling ORGANIC wines to discover without delay.

We assure you that it is surprising. Shimmering colours, characteristic aromas of sun-soaked vines, it's like drinking wine, but no, it is wine without alcohol.

For OPIA sparkling white wine, you will find the same pleasure but without getting drunk; this very sweet wine, without sulphites and zero preservatives, marks its difference by its sparkling and very aromatic qualities. The lack of alcohol is offset by its fine bubbles and reveals the floral side of this wine to taste well chilled, as an aperitif or with sweet chocolate desserts.

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Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.

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