Beaches from the Cap d’Agde to the Tamarissière: a vast playground for everyone

Pleasures of the sea

Beaches from the Cap d’Agde to the Tamarissière: a vast playground for everyone

With 300 days of sun per year and long, fine sandy beaches, the Cap d’Agde is a dream destination for sun and sea. Come and discover the coast, and enjoy magical moments, of leisure and relaxation.

11 sun-kissed beaches

  • The Agde coast has 11 supervised beaches, from the Cap d’Agde to the Tamarissière:
  • La Tamarissière
  • Le Grau d’Agde
  • Saint-Vincent
  • Baie de l’Amitié
  • Rochelongue
  • Richelieu
  • La Plagette
  • La Grande Conque
  • Le Môle
  • La Roquille
  • The naturist beach

Either natural or with facilities, you are sure to find the one for you amongst the 14 kilometres of beaches!  In addition, this vast maritime area enables you to rapidly reach the seaside from the place you are staying.

To suit all tastes

The Agde coast invites you to discover its fine sandy beaches, where you will find a wide diversity of scenery and activities.

Let yourself go and take part in the different activities on offer. The sporty types will find beach volley, beach soccer, sand-ball or soccer tennis; water sports enthusiasts will take to the water; whilst children will have fun with activities organised all summer.  And if you prefer to spend the day basking in the sun, all you need to do is spread out your towel and put on your sunglasses. Comfortable, equipped beaches offer all the services you want for a relaxing day, with your feet in the water.

Preserved beaches

Adge is extremely committed to preserving its coasts and fight against pollution. The European Blue Flag flies over 10 Agde beaches, and guarantees high quality water for swimmers. Regular checks of water quality, projects to protect the marine environment and dunes and frequent beach cleaning are just some of the actions undertaken to preserve this natural heritage.

Relax in safety on the beaches

For your safety, beach zones are monitored each day by teams of rescuers, ready to help in case of accidents.

A flag on the first aid centres indicates their presence, and buoys signal the monitored swimming areas.

For your safety:

  • do not enter the water suddenly after a long time in the sun,
  • watch children when they are swimming, and explain how to find their way back to you with visual indicators,
  • protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen,
  • observe and respect the flags.

Beaches accessible to all

8 beaches in the town enable access for people with reduced mobility to the beaches with the installation of wooden pathways and mats; most also have adapted sanitary facilities. “Tiralo” wheelchairs are available on the beaches of Richelieu Est and Ouest, le Môle, la Roquille and the naturist beach of the Cap d’Agde, as well as the seafront beaches and Saint-Vincent at Grau d’Agde.

To do

For a different beach experience, go for a walk along the Agde coastline, between Rochelongue and Richelieu in the Cap d’Agde, on the waterfront at Grau d’Agde or at La Tamarissière, between sea and pine forests.

Practical information :

  • Shuttles are available in July and August to let you go to the beach without using your car: Rochelongue beach, Richelieu beach, la Roquille beach, naturist beach.

  • To the East of the Cap d’Agde, a long beach is dedicated to naturism (regulated access).

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