In Cap d’Agde, get an insider’s look at the festivals!

Journey into art and history

The Agathois (people living in Agde) are proud of their traditions, and are keen to show them off to visitors. Come and share convivial, festive moments! Corsos fleuris (flower covered floats), fishermen’s festivals, son et lumière (sound and light) shows, nautical festivals... throughout the seasons, the richness of Agde’s history comes to life in its traditional festivals. For guaranteed fun!

Jousting tournaments take place throughout the summer

At the foot of the cathedral, jousting tournaments on the River Hérault, are some of the most well-known local events in Agde, and undoubtedly the oldest festive tradition, with a popularity embedded in the hearts of the local population. Agde was one of the first towns in Languedoc to have started this festival, a mix of sports and games, suspense and fun.

The aim is simple - jousters dressed in white and armed with lances, clash from two barges, one red and the other blue. The winner is the one who manages to topple his opponent into the water. After the elimination phase, comes the “revanches” (revenge). The tension mounts, until the winner is declared. (+ link video or sound?)

The Fishermen’s festival in the past and today

Another event deeply anchored in “Agathoise” culture and maritime traditions is the Fishermen’s festival. Between religious fervour and festive entertainment, this ancestral tradition brings together sailors, locals and visitors.

Traditionally occurring each year at the beginning of July, this festival includes music, games and seafood for all. It is also a moment for prayer and remembrance, where fisherman call on the protection of Saint Peter. On the Sunday, following the mass of Saint Peter, the parade of boats in honour of sailors lost at sea is the most picturesque and moving part of this celebration.

See a fishermen's festival video.

To celebrate “Agde throughout history”...

For the past few years, a large historic reconstruction in the heart of the town of Agde has taken place. Hundreds of costumed participants let you relive life in Agde, from Greek antiquity, through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, up to contemporary culture.

The rich historical heritage is brought to life with the astonishing transformation of squares and roads into entertainment stages with shows, games and combats, traditional dances and songs, old occupations, folklore music…for guaranteed fun!

The Agde Jules Baudou Museum, conserving history

If you want to discover more about Adge’s traditions and folklore, push the doors of the musée Agathois (Agde museum) of arts and popular traditions. With costumes, reconstructions of typical interiors and daily life objects, and the maritime period and religious traditions, it traces the entire town's history.

Did you know?

The tradition of jousting has continued here since Antiquity, as it was the Greeks who first introduced the practice of tournaments on water.

Visit to the museum:

Self tour for individuals throughout the year. 4.80€ adults; 3.70€ seniors; 1.80€ young people from 11 to 18 years, unemployed, disabled visitors. Self tour for individuals with audio guide: 6.90€

Guided tour for groups (10 people minimum), throughout the year, by appointment. 4.30 € adults; 3.50 € seniors; 1.50 € young people from 11 to 18 years, unemployed, disabled visitors. School package available.

Musée Agathois – 5, rue de la Fraternité – 34300 AGDE

Tel: 04 67 94 82 51 – Email:

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