Villa Tempora resulted from a meeting of minds between an organic farming enthusiast and a foodie and wine lover. We look for the best phenolic ripeness and keep extraction to a minimum so as to express freshness and finesse and retain the distinctive characteristics of the unique Pézenas terroir.
Our vineyards are divided into several blocks around the villages of Caux and Néffiès, on the lower foothills of the southern Cévennes, boasting a diverse range of soils, exposures and grape varieties. The vines vary in age from 20 to 40 years. The conservation of ecosystems (i.e. hedges, groves and slopes) contributes to the protection of biodiversity and stimulates the vines' natural defences. We tend our vineyards with great care, high standards and constant respect for the environment and the land, without the use of chemicals or insecticides. Our grapes are hand-picked and vinified using natural methods. Wines neither fined nor filtered.
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