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Cap d’Agde’s internet site offers you the chance to subscribe to 2 RSS flows :

Agenda: organised activities and events, dates not to be missed
Suggestions for places to stay: give in to their charms
Special offers

What is an RSS?

An RSS flow [Really Simple Syndication] is a text file whose content is automatically produced from information updated and published by a website. It offers a summary of the latest articles and information published on the site and provides links so that you can read them in their entirety.

What is the purpose of an RSS flow?

Its purpose is simple, to pass on a website’s latest available information and updates.

How do yo read an RSS flow?

There are 2 ways to read an RSS flow, either:

  • With your usual browser (Internet Explorer 7 or Mozilla Firefox 2 minimum),
  • With an RSS flow reader (online: Netvibes, Google Reader… or offline: RSS Bandit, RSS Xpress…).

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