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This bus service runs to some beaches in le Grau d’Agde and those in Cap dAgde during July and August.
It connects with several bus services (2-3-4-6 and 7) and allows you to leave your car behind when going to the beach.
The bus runs every hour between the Criée fish market in Le Grau d’Agde (west) and the Naturist Village (east), non-stop from 9.20 am (first departure from the Criée) to 7.20 pm (last departure from the Criée).
The 23 seater bus is accessible to persons of reduced mobility (room for 1 wheelchair), and to the visually impaired and hard of hearing (sound and vision information system). 
04 67 01 22 24
Internet site
Cap'Bus. 1 bis quai Commandant Réveille
34300 AGDE

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