Cooking chef Pierre LAHFA has been welcoming his guests in L'Amphytrion for four years. Once elected best apprentice of France and then of Europe, the chef worked in Michelin-rated restaurants. Recently he was the winner of "Gourmet talents 2015"; Pierre LAHFA proposes on his "carte" slightly forgotten terroir dishes. Indeed, the restaurant was completely transformed so as to propose a cuisine in the pure French ancient tradition, in a setting adorned with gingham tableclothes, old posters; the traditional dishes, such as coq au vin, blanquette (veal stew), terrine, cassoulet, cuttlefish stew with tomato sauce,... are prepared in this atmosphere. Not to miss the desserts too: rum baba, Paris-Brest, custard tart... So as to propose traditional recipes, the chef works with ducks from the Gers region, veal from the Aveyron region, beef from the Aubrac region and the side dishes (vegetables and fruits) are bought at the local market.

From 19/05/2021 to 31/12/2022 : tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday (Ouvre uniquement en terrasse à partir du 19 mai.)
+33 4 67 90 11 84
5 rue Maréchal Plantavit

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