Naturism in the Cap d’Agde

The Cap d’Agde is an important naturist site. Widely open to the Mediterranean Sea, the naturist village offers 2km of beaches and numerous possibilities for your stay: a wide range of accommodation, restaurants, shops, leisure equipment, marina with harbour master's office, public services, health services…


The Cap d’Agde naturist beach

A major asset of the Cap d’Agde naturist village is the 2km long fine sandy beach, which lets you enjoy life along the shore.
For a family stay, there is supervised bathing (with 2 first aid points), leisure activities (particularly nautical ones) and 3 beaches with facilities:

  • La Méridienne beach: restaurant, bar, sun chairs / mattresses… Pedal boat rentals.
  • Le Galion beach: sun chairs, parasols, restaurant…
  • Paralia Beach Club: sun chairs, “Sun Beach” restaurant…


Choose your naturist accommodation

Holiday residences, hotels, campsites, private holiday rentals, guest houses, estale agents (holiday lets)... a variety of accommodation options to suit your needs. Put down your suitcases and make the most of your naturist stay with confidence! As a couple, with family or friends, spend your holidays in harmony with nature, with freedom, conviviality and respect for yourself and others.

A few rules

  • Access to the naturist village is regulated
  • On arrival, go to the Welcome office (bureau d’accueil du service des entrées) to fill out the access forms. You will receive a card for the length of your stay, enabling access to the naturist village
  • Once in the naturist village, practice total nudity in the company of the other naturists
  • Respect the ban on filming and photography


And in the middle of winter…Come and take the “last swim of the year” every December 31st!

Amongst the traditional end of year swims on the French beaches, the one in the Cap d’Agde is the most original - it is the only one on a naturist beach!  

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Practical information :
Bureau d’accueil
Service des entrées – Délivrance des cartes d’accès (Welcome office for distribution of access cards)
Rond-point du Bagnas
Le Cap d’Agde
Tel: 04 67 26 00 26

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