Guided tours organized by the Tourist Office

Guided tours organized by the Tourist Office

Practical information

Tel.: 06 45 82 46 14
Address : Office de Tourisme - Pôle Patrimoine. Hôtel de Peyrat. Place des Etats du Languedoc . 34120 PEZENAS

Opening : From 01/01/2017 to 31/12/2017 : every day.

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Discover the history of Agde and its heritage

Guided tours with the city’s official guide, dramatised tours, activities, games, exhibition

Offi ce de Tourisme - Pôle Patrimoine

Hôtel de Peyrat - Place des Etats du Languedoc - PEZENAS.

Info and bookings: 06 45 82 46 14 - E-mail

The full programme is announced in Capagenda and on our website under the "Agenda" section


The city of Agde

Accompanied by the city’s offi cial guide, come and discover the hidden streets and rich heritage of Agde, such as the

ramparts, the Saint-Etienne Cathedral, the city docks, etc.

> Saturdays at 10am from April to September. Meeting point: Tourist Offi ce. Place de la Belle Agathoise, Agde. Free.

Saint-Etienne Cathedral

Visit with historical commentary... the fortifi ed Romanesque cathedral built in basalt, a symbol of the power of the Bishops of Agde.

> Thursdays at 3pm from April to June, and then on Wednesdays at 3pm from July to September. Meeting point: the forecourt in front of the cathedral. Free.

The Agde ice-house

Visit the underground ice-cellar built in the 17th Century to store ice collected during the winter months.

> Fridays at 10am from April to June, then on Thursdays at 11am from July to September. Meeting point: Place de la Free.

Other guided tours of the towns and villages of Cap d'Agde Méditerranée area:

Information: Tourist Office

Heritage department: 06 45 82 46 14

E-mail and at all Tourist

Office information points.

The city of Pézenas
Fairs have been held at Pézenas since the 18th century. The town used to be the seat of the Montmorency family, governors of the province Molière played there for the States of Languedoc and for his protector, the Prince of Conti.



In Agde
When the gates of time are opened, the Duke of Montmorency escapes from his century to fi nd himself at the time of Claude Terrisse, the King’s privateer and consul of the city of Agde. The 2-hour tour blends history, love and humour as you amble through the streets of the historic centre; guaranteed fun for both children and adults.

> Wednesdays at 9pm from 12 July to 30 August. 12€. Reduction: 9€. Child: 5€.

Meeting point: Galerie du Patrimoine. Place de la Belle Agathoise. Agde.

In Pézenas
Pézenas through the ages
> Pézenas : Tuesdays at 9pm from 18 July to 29 August. 12€. Reduction: 9€. Child: 5€.


The Montmorency days

This day enables visitors to discover the legacy left by this powerful family in P.zenas and Agde.

La Grange des Près in Pézenas

In the 16th Century, the Governor Henri 1, Duke of Montmorency, had this country house built; he paid particular attention to the design of the gardens. Now open to the public for the fi rst time, the visit of the gardens reveals the prestigious past of P.zenas.

> Wednesday 12 April, 10 May and 14 June at 10am, and then every Friday in July and August at 2pm. By reservation at: 6 €. Reduction: 5 €. Meeting point: in front of the entrance to the estate.

Notre-Dame de l'Agenouillade

In Agde, the Montmorency family ensured the safety of the city. In return, Henry 1 of Montmorency demanded the presence of a military governor at the Brescou Fort and in the city. He declared his Catholic faith at “Notre-Dame de l’Agenouillade” where he built a church, enlarged the Agenouillade chapel and brought back the cult of Mary and the processions.

> Wednesday 12 April, 10 May and 14 June at 3pm and then every Friday in July and August at 10am. By reservation.

Meeting point: in front of the Agenouillade Chapel. Free.



Little Explorers

With all the family, step into the shoes of great explorers and adventurers from Agde and relive their stories with the help of the tour guides.

> Wednesdays at 10am from 12 July to 30 August. For booking: Tourist Offi ce. Place de la Belle Agathoise. Agde.




“Ainsi Fonts… Lavoirs, nymphées, moulins, griffouls, puits…”

“Fonts, wash-houses, fountains, mills, wells...” Structures built to channel and distribute water in the H.rault valley.

> 20 June to 30 September. Galerie du Patrimoine. Tourist Offi ce. Agde


Membre du Klub des Loisirs

Découvrez et profitez de réductions ou de privilèges offertent par les membres du «LE KLUB»


Minimum price Maximum price
Dramatised tour Adult full price
From 12-07 to 30-08-2017
12.00 € 12.00 €
Dramatised tour
From 12-07 to 30-06-2017
5.00 € 9.00 €
The Montmorency day Adult full price
From 05-04 to 30-09-2017
6.00 € 6.00 €
The Montmorency day Reduction
From 05-04 to 30-09-2017
5.00 € 5.00 €

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