La Cité d'Agde

La Cité d'Agde

Why not go and explore Agde, the former Greek city with 26 centuries of history reflected in the River Hérault! Its archaeological treasures and architectural characteristics will transport you on a trip through the ages…

Agde, from yesterday to today

Formerly called “Agathé Tyché” (Good Fortune), the town of Agde nestles at the intersection of the Canal du Midi, the River Hérault and the Mediterranean Sea. Previously a trading post, this town built with the volcanic rock from the Mont Saint-Loup prospered over the centuries through maritime trade. It is one of the oldest towns in France, with a rich history spanning thousands of years. Small brightly coloured shopping streets and craftsmen's workshops animate the heart of the ancient town. Undoubtedly, Agde is a town full of charm with a southern accent - to visit absolutely!   

A unique architecture in the region

The town of Agde radiates with the charm of its labyrinth of small streets, lined with houses and buildings built in black, volcanic stone, from the Agde volcano. Because of this, the historic town is often called the “Perle Noire” (Black pearl).  It will only take a few minutes of wandering in the typical streets, along the river port or the ramparts to experience the peaceful atmosphere and the history there. Absolutely unique in Languedoc, the town of Agde will surprise you by the rich variety of its historical monuments, all made of basalt. 


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